HOLIDAY'S FOR DOGS AND THEIR ADULTS! Oskada   Park   is   an   adult   only   campsite,   and   although   not   exclusive   there   is   an   emphasis   on   people   who like   to   camp   with   their   dogs.   We   are   not   only   dog   friendly,   but   have   play   areas   with   extra   activities   for the   dogs,   both   indoors   and   out.   There   is   plenty   to   do   in   the   area   with   lots   of   dog   walks.   Moors,   Wolds, forestry and coastal areas are all within easy reach.. Oskada   Park   is   easily   accessible,   being   off   a   main   coastal   route   and   located   at   the   foot   of   the   Wolds   with adjacent   woodland   and   fields,   providing   a   peaceful   setting   and   enhanced   by   the   inclusion   of   the   old   mill race and stream bordering one side of the 11+ acre site. Having   a   love   of   dogs   the   site   is   now   fully   dog   orientated,   with   everything   to   give   your   dog/s   a   holiday too. Groups and events are welcome and there is an area open for exercising and training. Situated   in   the   picturesque   county   of   North   Yorkshire,   Oskada   Park   is   perfectly   located   for   you   to   indulge in   a   wonderful   holiday,   whether   you   want   to   relax   on   the   beaches,   visit   places   of   historical   interest,   or pursue   pastimes   including   walking,   cycling,   golf,   fishing   and   sailing.   The   area   is   richly   populated   with villages, market towns and attractions, each offering a different visitor experience. Whether you come individually, or as part of a group, with or without a dog, you are always assured of a warm welcome.
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